Backend Solutions Dispatch connects you with the ideal dry van freight opportunities, tailored to your needs.


At Backend Solutions Truck Dispatching Service, we empower dry van owner-operators to achieve peak performance. With over 9 years of combined Dispatching Trucks and freight brokerage experience, we understand the complexity of the dry van market. We eliminate the time-consuming tasks and secure top-paying loads, allowing you to focus on efficient deliveries and maximize your bottom line.

Boost Profits and Streamline with Our Dry Van Truck Dispatch Service

Optimize your earnings with our Dry Van Dispatch Service, which connects you to the most profitable dry van freight tailored to your truck size, preferred routes, and current location. Say goodbye to unproductive load board searches and focus on high-revenue hauls. Our expert dispatchers handle rate negotiations using their industry relationships and market knowledge to secure the best rates for your hard work. We simplify operations by managing all paperwork, permits, and communication with shippers and receivers, allowing you to concentrate on safe and efficient deliveries. Plus, our 24/7 support ensures real-time load tracking, clear communication, and expert guidance for a smooth-running dry van operation.

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Dry Van Dispatch Service

Dry Van Trucking: The Enclosed Cargo Workhorse

Dry van trucks, also known as box trucks or straight trucks, are the workhorses of the freight industry. These fully enclosed trailers haul a wide variety of non-perishable goods, making them a versatile and in-demand transportation solution.

What can dry vans haul?

  • Packaged and palletized goods
  • Building materials and furniture
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Clothing and textiles
  • And much more!

Benefits of Dry Van Trucking:

  • Secure and weather-protected cargo
  • Ideal for non-perishable goods
  • Wide range of cargo capacities
  • Efficient and cost-effective transportation

Is Dry Van Trucking right for you?

If you’re an owner-operator or carrier looking to haul a variety of dry goods, dry van trucking offers a reliable and profitable business opportunity.

Backend Solutions Dispatch Service can help!

We specialize in connecting dry van owner-operators with high-paying loads and streamlining your operations. Contact us today to learn more about our dry van dispatch services!